Appetizers Special

Butternut squash  soup ,croutons on top $12

Avocado salad ( Baby arugula hearts of palm bell pepper shaved parmigian lemon dressing)  $14

Grilled octopus (grilled eggplant, Cannellini beans, truffle oil) $18

Stuffed Artichoke Oreganata $16

Zucchini Flower (stuffed with mozzarella red sauce ) $14

Burrata (Sliced tomato roasted pepper balsamic glaze ) $16


Dover Sole Whole Fish (lemon, white wine, olive oil & herbs) $48.
File Bronzino Frances garnish capers $38

Halibut Martini( fresh Halibut parmigian crusted garnish with mushrooms & hearts of artichoke lemon herb sauce ) $42

Crispy Duck (half roasted duck on the bone served with Broccoli, potato & cranberry sauce) $38
Veal osso buco ( 
over white risotto brawn gravy sauce ) $48

Side dish: Brussel Sprouts $12