Appetizers Special

     Butternut squash soup  + croutons  $12

       Beets Salad (roasted beets ,chopped romain .fresh pears and shaved parmigiana cheese, (with a mandarin dressing)  $14

   Mussels  with shaved zucchini, fresh tomatoes,chopped herbs shoes $16

         Burrata (with roasted pepper and sliced tomato) $16

          Pulpo( grilled octopus over grill eggplant  , white cannelloni beans, truffle oil )$18


        Dover Sole Whole Fish, (lemon, white wine, olive oil & herbs) $48

      Sea Scalops (over white risotto bornblanck  sauce )$38

Fresh Halibut  martini ( parmesan crusted, ,capers,mashrooms ,lemon herb sauce) $38

                 Half Roasted Duck (with a cranberry sauce) $38

Boneless ribeye (melted Gorgonzola cheese on top )$48